2-3 Years

The 2/3 room offers an extensive play space to cater for all individual needs

It has its own free flow outside space, which is open all year round, to encourage those children with more energy to scoot, pedal, climb, pour, get muddy and wet and explore safely. We offer a continuous provision, offering well stocked resources to cater for all needs and our light and airy indoor room offers open ended resources for each creative mind to explore in their own way.

We offer a cosy snuggly area for those quiet times, or for singing and story time and a dedicated sleep space for those children who need a rest before exploring some more.

The staff in this room are attuned to the needs of 2-3 year olds, understanding that sharing is not always a life skill yet learned, but with support and encouragement, all children in this room are happy to explore and engage with other children, with adult support if needed.