The Pre-school room takes children from 3 years old and offers a wide range of resources and equipment to ensure all children are engaged and busy.

We offer a spacious playroom where the children are encouraged to be more independent on arrival by encouraging self-registration, self-service at snack times and offering a continuous provision where the children are in charge of choosing the activities that interest them, and deciding if they want to play inside or outside due to our free flow outdoor space.

Our outdoor space has beautiful views over the Looe Valley and river, allowing for plenty of wildlife spotting and encouraging discussions about all of the beauty around them.

It also provides opportunities to pedal, build, play, pour, mix and climb in a safe and supervised safe where the children are in charge of what they want to play with and how they chose to play with it.

Staff in this room are dedicated to finding out the best way your child learns without them even knowing it, as each day is a day of uninterrupted play, with children taking the autonomy to decide what interests them and our skilled practitioners extend that learning, adding more interest and expanding their curious minds with knowledge and wonder.